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Natasha James Wedding Photography

Documentary Storytelling & Editorial Portraiture

Hello! I'm Natasha, a Wedding Photographer based in Oxford, my style is a mixture of documentary and styled portraiture. 


I’ll blend into the background and capture your day as it unfolds. And I'll help you to feel completely at ease in front of the camera to create stunning photographs of you both together.

A little​ about me

I have always loved photography, I still remember being given my first 35mm film camera when I was a kid. Every time I got a new roll of film, it was gone in a matter of minutes, my film full of photos of sheep, or my families faces.

I'm not ashamed to say that I love taking pretty pictures, sometimes my work is as simple as that, it's beautiful and vibrant and joyous. But as I have gotten older and lost loved ones, the importance of the memories captured in my photos has really sunk in, and I'm so grateful of all the years I've spent behind the camera, documenting my life and the lives of others. 


As your photographer I strive to capture every moment of your day, in the most beautiful way possible.